Wednesday, January 6, 2010


As always, more sketchbook work.


Main Loop said...

Sweeet awesome update...

Main Loop said...

Hey dude,

There is a figure drawing session in Sebastopol, at the center for the arts. It's Wednesday night from 7:00 to 10:00.

Also, Monday from 12 to 3 pm there is a long pose at the same place.

j10 said...

Still kickin'butt Sir, love the the rooftops!

Listen up buddy, I got a stack of cash in my pocket, literally 100's of dollars....yeah I said it...100's!...I collect sketch napkins, NOT sketchbooks but napkins! How bout we make a deal? Are you willing to part with any of your original sketch napkins?

j10 said...

Come on man, we all know that you are just lying to hoard all those napkin sketches to yourself! Oh and luck would have it, my cat is a napkin, waiting for you to sketch on his face.

Anonymous said...

your use of line is amazing :)
i want to live in that house on the hilltop!

thanks for the posts!!!
hope the new years good to you :)