Wednesday, March 3, 2010


It has been a real pleasure to take a sculpture class from the man, myth, the legend Mike Murnane. If you happen to have the book "Art of Star Wars: Episode 2", he's all over the damn thing. Our last class with him was today, so I wanted to show some brief sketches that I did. If you can ever get a chance to take a sculpture class from Mike, seize the opportunity! I believe he has classes on his site above. Good luck Mike!


jehan said...

OMG that was you?!?!! OK, first of all, how could you tell it was us from way back there, i swear you were waving before you even pulled up beside us, haha.

second, i swore you were some asian dude, so that made it even harder to figure out who it was.

third, i had hugeass sunglasses on and you still figured it out?! crazy!!!!!

Jackson said...

That's hilarious! When I waved, I saw Chrystal saying something like "someone's waving at us". It's funny, I have a horrible memory, but I kind of recognized you both, and then, for some ungodly reason, I remember what kind of car you drove. I must have looked like Forrest Gump waving at you guys. It would have been great, if I didn't mention this at all and you guys would've been like "who the hell was that waving at us? Forever!

:::Julia Lundman::: said...

Hey Jackson! These are awesome sketches, AS USUAL!!!

That's awesome that you were able to take Mike's class. I want to take his workshop during the week. Been meaning to ask you if you are interested.

I hope you had fun in the workshop you took! I've been really getting addicted to sculpting lately!

Awesome, awesome work, as always, Jackson!

:::Julia Lundman::: said...

P.S. I really need to start mixing in something other than the word awesome into my vocabulary. haha

james o'shea said...

check this out:

every Thursday in S.F.! you got the essence of mike down. haha